Project Management

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It is easy to just grab some materials and start hammering a new patio to a house or to open an integrated development environment (IDE) and begin writing code using all the advanced snippet libraries to create a new application. However, to build something complex such as a complete house, or solid application requires more work than most people, including developers, understand or even believe.

Solid high quality results only come with focused disciplined effort. The distinction between an amateur and professional in any field is the commitment to discipline. Success is 80% attention to details and 20% luck. Since luck is really the coalition of thousands of variables it is uncontrollable, but still semi-predictable. Ignoring what cannot be controlled project success is governed through good planning, organizing, and management. In other words the all the skills of Project Management being focused on a set of objectives resulting in the highest chance for success.

A project is any stated (or envisioned) goal which requires more than a couple of tasks, with a defined beginning, an optional due date, and a defined "done criteria" measurement. By definition a project is temporary in nature in contrast to normal business operations (which are repetitive, functional work to produce products or services.) In practice, the management projects is very different from the management of standard operations and therefore require specific techniques and tools.

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