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Khan's Academy still not known by everyone.

I keep meeting people who haven't heard of Salman Khan's great work. So here is an idea worth spreading:

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Is position negotiation a dead art in the US

I am curious why companies are no longer negotiating over position details?

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Storage Technologies Should Usably Persist (for 2400+ years)

It is interesting to consider that the thoughts of one person who lived in a society which seems familiar yet alien 2400 years before I was born are not only still available to be inspected in their near original state but are communicated to me in a device purchased by my Father when I was born over 4 decades ago. Even more interesting is the thoughts of my father (and countless others) on the thoughts of that 2400 year dead man regardless of age are also available. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am speaking of books.

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Natural Order is the future of concurrent processing

David Ungar gave a Talks on Computing Systems (TOCS) at Carnegie Mellon University called "Everything You Know (About Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!: A Wild Screed About the Future." ( It’s just over an hour long and I am so excited to have the natural model being looked at. The imposition of artificial constraints to force computations to occur in a specific ordering has always rubbed me the wrong way.

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iPhone Photo Library Weirdness

Why the hell would a modern device come with a sync option that starts by ERASING everything on your device? A hard disk crash or simply buying a new computer means death to anything synced to your iPhone.

When you mount the iPhone it gives you a USB drive. Marvelous! Except that drive has nothing that has been sync'd to the phone. All the music and pictures that were sync'd to the phone are hidden off in a randomized name location in a non-retrievable file format; with no way to export them back out to the originals.

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None repentent process freak

Honestly I am getting real tired of dealing with developers who seem to feel the need to rebel against any change in their thinking process. I have no problem taking classes, seeing something I haven't tried before and if I feel it might be helpful being willing to give it a solid try for a few cycles. And I fully admit it that I am an unabashed process freak.

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