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Switching Hosting Services to FatCow from

After a long and generally good relationship with things finally got to a point where it was worth the effort to move to a new hosting service. Generally speaking we just kind of grew apart. Netriver had decided some time ago to focus more on their co-location services and began trying to simplify and reduce their web hosting services.

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Captcha is online

With a few code reviews and tweaks to SCT Tools basic captcha support is now online. I still need to integrate the captcha call into the user registration system.

The nice part is now email addresses are hidden unless a captcha check is done. Further captcha checks time out after a short period. Is this open to some kind of mining pass? Possibly a replay attach. Need to check that out. Of course Django is supposed to be pretty solid. Need to see about coping cookies around a little.

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At Last The Static Stuff Is WorkingAt Last The Static Stuff Is Working

Oh what a relief, I was trying to figure out why none of the static elements of the site were working. Well not really. I was actually trying to determine how the templates get all wrangled up when I noticed a lot of 404 error messages in the log files. Which is when I figured out why some of the site's interfaces were not working exactly right.

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Weekend well spent

Back at the job and code crawling. Got more done this weekend on my site project then I did in the last year. Of course a new kid will always crush your schedule for a couple of years. So not really complaining.

The main page now shows the site goals. I think I need to expand on those a little bit. But first I need to figure out how to integrate a source code control system. I want to be able to get at my source code from anywhere and I definitely want to be able to publish parts of it here.

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Got the FCGI on lighttpd working better

Oh what a quagmire of crud to walk through. All of the Django docs on FCGI and lighttpd are pretty sparse and the examples are not what I would recommend for a production service. So first step was to improve the FCGI tie in for Django. This turned out better then I thought. I had to do a lot of guessing and testing. But now I have it set up so that when the lighttpd service is started and stopped the FCGI processes are also started and stopped. In other words the web service application actually controls its own subprocesses including the FCGI linking to python for the Django service.

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Well it is kind of up

The database is running. Django seems happy. I have managed to get things kind of set up. Still need to figure out a lot of little things. But it is a start. I hope to have Natural Order Software up and rolling as well as Greydragon off of the same code base. We'll see.

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