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FAQ - Read Me First

Here are some answers to the most common questions we've seen posted since the launch of our forums. We'll continue to update this page as more questions arise.

Hours of Operation

The intent is for the forums (and this site) to be open round the clock. This site is under development by the very ideas it is promoting, so it is safe to say we're still working out a few things. This sometimes means that the site has to be taken down for short periods, or that sometimes an area may be offline or in 'read-only' mode. We will eventually get to the place where they are open 24/7.

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New Services Coming online

Well finally, after a couple years of side projects, overtime, and untold dramas I have made progress on getting the projects for this site rolling.

After working with Atlassian on a number of issues across three companies I am very happy with their support. Plus, recent releases for their products have really gone over the top for meeting my needs (as documented in the Projects section for my source code).

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NOD SW Project Repository

Background Introduction

It would seem that in order to get anything done, with respect to my software development projects, I can either use Sourceforge, or Google Source, or create a personal project management system myself.

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Good URLs

Good URLs are a great thing. I am trying to make them come out here. In running around to find the right mix of code to make them nice I ran over this excellent article on "Best URLs". Since I agree with it entirely, and cannot think of anything to add to it just going to reference it and say "ditto". Also in the interest of vanishing Internet resources and articles I include the complete article here (with permission from Gary Love granted on 9/24/2010):

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Adding Anonymous Comments (in Drupal)

Everything is shaping up nicely. I have most of the functions I need and what is left is interesting, challenging, and will give me lots of materials for technical blogs and presentations on development.

Oh hang on, I want anonymous comments to include required contact information. No problem, login -> Administer -> Content -> Comment page ... huh nope ... OK how about something under the user settings? Nope. Maybe permissions section. Nothing looks right. Dang it finding some of the settings for stuff in Drupal is more than a little annoying.

Google save me!

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Drupal Issues to Consider

As things ramp up for NOD Software a lot of time is being spent on the learning curve. One of the largest concerns is of course security. NOD Software supports a number of organizations and projects. Most of what is done for the primary site eventually is used to enhance our supported sites. At this stage it is all about pulling together a minimal configuration that provides a solid set of features.

Running around the Internet produces a lot of crumbs to follow. I thought perhaps I should share these as anyone else might be interested in all the circles we are running in.

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Markdown Syntax Page

Markdown: Syntax

  • Main
  • Basics
  • Syntax
  • License
  • Dingus

* [Overview](#overview)
* [Philosophy](#philosophy)

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Wiki Core Bevioral Requirements

Functional Requirements

  1. Pages can be created and linked using Page titles. Example: this page is internally "node/115" or more specifically if the wiki module is turned on then this page should be referred to everywhere (all the links shown) as "".
  2. Page links can be created in text using:
    1. Optionally Camel Case
    2. Wiki Markup Style Linking using brackets. Within the wiki page the page can be references via any of:
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Drupal Wiki Module

Spending a couple of weeks looking through all the documentation and forums it was impossible to find a wiki module or wiki configuration that seemed to do everything needed for a pleasant site experience. Further it seems that most of the efforts took one of the primary open source project routes, like the large majority of open source projects:

  1. start with a bang, built something semi-functional and then died out.
  2. cobble-together many different libraries, documenting sporadically, resulting in large promises with no practical way for anyone to repeat what was done.
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Down Side of Shifting

Well now this is interesting. Something must be different between Drupal and Django. The old site was up for over 4 years with the only people joining the system as personal and professional friends. Yet within a week there are now over 30 new user accounts. As well as our first (but surely not the last) attempt at using this site for some spamming marketing purposes. (Really how on earth can posting an advertisement for a rope/twine manufacturer in Russia here help sales?? delete)

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Wiki Documentation

Usage of a Wiki is very straight forward.

1. Formatting

You can see complete demonstration of Wiki Syntax to format and structure your input text.

Two styles of markup are available: MediaWiki and Markdown.

The markup style is an extended form of Markdown Syntax. However the markup strives to be 100% Markdown compliant.

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Moved and lights off

It took a week of effort, but I am pleased with the results. I am running the site almost as I would like. There are a few deficiencies but they are either "nice to haves" or easily "will be fun to correct" items.

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Code Highlighting


Code highlighting for a software providing/support/sales/discussion sight is mandatory. I have already started growing accustom to the BBCODE editing style for the posts and I also like the sparse nature of the Markdown formating for the Wiki. So what I need to do is very carefully integrate a plug in ability to have code highlighting on the fly as well as being able to designate and control which code highlighting syntax is used.

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Site Documentation

This site will started as a Django based site using Sphene Community Tools as the foundation. However, due to changes in technology, time, and hosting it was switched over to Drupal in September, 2010. Regardless of the site's foundation it is being engineered to provide a specific set of business and development behaviors. All code developed for this site is contributed back into the public domain via bug reports, direct module support, or at least emails to the authors for issues, enhancements, etc.

Business Behavior Key:

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Adding Images to posts

This site is currently built using Drupal. Adding images to content is allowed and the <img> tag is permitted. The steps are:

  1. Create content (post, blog, or page)
  2. Attach file via the File Attachments section below the body text area.
  3. uncheck "List file"
  4. copy the file path under the box once it's uploaded
  5. Use <img src="path/image.png" /> in the content area.

For site administration see for the Drupal site discussion of this.

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