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Short Sprints vs. Long Goals

Running a development using SCRUM mixed with Agile has a lot of benefits. But, every once in a while (read as "yesterday") a requirement comes up that just seems to defy all logic and being able to be split down. This isn't the first time to run head on into this large wall (or immovable object). Although rare, this does happen.

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It's Done When?

Been dealing a lot of SCRUM items and it seems to me that a lot of teams keep missing the mark because of not clear "done criteria". For the record I think a minimum done criteria is:
  • Code is checked-in into a central version control system
  • A detailed code review (including comparison to any company and/or team coding standards) has been complete, any suggested changes implemented and final code has been checked-in
  • Unit tests with demonstratable cover coverage of more 80% for non-integration / "out of container"

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