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Connecting Python to a Java Rest Servlet using POST

Pulled my hair out for too long to admit to over this. I had to tie a Python script to a servlet but the amount of data was too large for a GET. I wrote the whole thing in a quick sprint but then it didn't work. It worked if I pumped data to it via a GET request. But, when I shifted to a POST it stopped working. After a lot of RTM and Googling I still didn't see my error. After a coffee and a walk I looked at it and did a head slap. In the Python code I had set the Content-type to "text/plain;charset=UTF-8".

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Where have all the good projects gone?

So my group got canceled. Even though we were miles ahead of the other group in the Mega-Corp that is Amdocs who just started to create a similar product but focused at other Amdocs products. So now I have to go back to playing with J2EE cruft. I was so getting into Jython and Python. Oh well.

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