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Android Note Taking Application

Just a quick note on notes. I want to be able to take notes efficiently on my Android phone which I can then sync to a computer, edit, and sync back. But wait, there is more:

* Ability to write and read notes on the mobile phone
* True Sync notes (with merge) to and from a computer
* Ability to create, edit, and search notes on the computer
* Must be able to do this without posting notes on some network service (but does not exclude a network service)
* Import/export notes from simple text files with some basic formatting (limited wiki like support)

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NOD SW Project Repository

Background Introduction

It would seem that in order to get anything done, with respect to my software development projects, I can either use Sourceforge, or Google Source, or create a personal project management system myself.

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Markdown Syntax Page

Markdown: Syntax

  • Main
  • Basics
  • Syntax
  • License
  • Dingus

* [Overview](#overview)
* [Philosophy](#philosophy)

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Wiki Core Bevioral Requirements

Functional Requirements

  1. Pages can be created and linked using Page titles. Example: this page is internally "node/115" or more specifically if the wiki module is turned on then this page should be referred to everywhere (all the links shown) as "".
  2. Page links can be created in text using:
    1. Optionally Camel Case
    2. Wiki Markup Style Linking using brackets. Within the wiki page the page can be references via any of:
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Drupal Wiki Module

Spending a couple of weeks looking through all the documentation and forums it was impossible to find a wiki module or wiki configuration that seemed to do everything needed for a pleasant site experience. Further it seems that most of the efforts took one of the primary open source project routes, like the large majority of open source projects:

  1. start with a bang, built something semi-functional and then died out.
  2. cobble-together many different libraries, documenting sporadically, resulting in large promises with no practical way for anyone to repeat what was done.
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proj·ect - [n. proj-ekt, -ikt; v. pruh-jekt]


  1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.
  2. a large or major undertaking, esp. one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.
  3. a specific task of investigation, esp. in scholarship.

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