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Good Meetings

From on high a message came down at my place of work that meetings were not being dealt with well. The message included a complete description of "Meeting Etiquette" and a stern warning that we needed to "follow some protocols when it comes to business meetings."

So what to do? Well here are some things to ponder and suggestions from some respectable sources that offer the same advise I have for years (only better):

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Copyright and the Internet

This is a compilation of a 4-part series of articles on the status of digital rights management from the Digital Rights Management Watch site (which has transitioned into a new format now and can be found at http://copyrightandtechnology.com/. I think it’s a very good overview on some recent technical, commercial and legal shifts in the digital content domain, so worth a read.

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Register to Vote, or look up your buddies

This might be a public service announcement. After all it is a heated U.S. presidential election and you really should participate. With elections coming up it is a good idea to double check your voter registration.

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