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Laughing at myself

Back in 1988 I started a BBS in San Diego. I put out a lot of money, installed 2 separate phone lines, had state of the art 2400 baud modems and an Amiga 2000 with nearly 100 MB of disk space and a eye popping 2 MB of RAM. I coded and tested for hundreds of hours. Finally it was ready and I put it online. I published in the local computer magazines that it was up and running. Then I sat and watched it for hours waiting for someone to come use what I created for them. And I waited, and I waited and ... well you get the picture.

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Backup and restore worked

Well in a moment of testing need I decided to determine if the backups where working. So I took a backup of the database and restored it to an entirely different database service. I altered the database handler to point at the new database service and kicked the web services.

What a surprise it actually all came back up just like it is supposed to.

I am in shock. Not only are all the forums back in place, the posts are there, the blogs are there and all the test user data is there too.

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Well it is kind of up

The database is running. Django seems happy. I have managed to get things kind of set up. Still need to figure out a lot of little things. But it is a start. I hope to have Natural Order Software up and rolling as well as Greydragon off of the same code base. We'll see.

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