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A friend asked about using Dropbox vs. Carbonite

Today a friend asked me which was a better backup solution Dropbox ( if your going to sign up please use this referral URL or Carbonite ( I can see the confusion of Dropbox as a backup solution, it does kind of look like one to most folks. As long as I answered it for my friend I might as well put it out for others too. Plus I might get some nice feedback on other options.

To the serious techies (geeks/nerds) Dropbox and Carbonite are not the same solutions.

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Locking Up Multiple Systems

At my office we have this thing called the "Dude Protocol." When I first started working here I thought it was a neat idea to make people a little more security conscience. The procedure is that if any workstation, laptop, or terminal is left logged in but without someone sitting there using it everyone is allowed (in fact directly ordered) to pull up the email client and send an email message to the "Fun" email list with the subject of "Dude" and then to LOCK the terminal.

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The Dark Side of CFLs

True or false there are a lot of people who are looking at this issue. Basically the idea is that compact florescence lights produce a kind of electromagnetic pollution which as a radiation has been shown in semi-clinical (meaning not yet in large groups, or with a solid sampling) testing to affect people's health.

YouTube clip to sum it all up compliments of a Canadian news program:

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Recovering Lost Data From Page Firefox Cache

Big company, large IT department, huge wiki server used by all. Do they have a recent backup? If you count 6 months old as recent then sure. Of course for a project started since the last back up that put 100% of the documentation into the corporate wiki when the server breaks and they have to go back to the back-ups this sucks.

Now of course being a tech-head I have ultra paranoid cleanup settings on my cache, browse history and other things. But, managers and office types often don't care nearly as much.

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Technical Tidbits

Over the years I have run into hundreds of technical "oh that is cool" or "that is good to know" items. Of course months later I forget them but I remember that some little slight of hand is possible. Of course Google has helped a lot with this. Yet, many times the actual item I am looking for is gone, or worse, lost in a sea of info-crud(tm).

The pages are organized in no particular order (yet) and the title of the pages hopefully are detailed enough to make locating the magic trick needed easy to find.

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New IDL from Google Claims to be an order of magnitude faster than XML

Well this is interesting on a Google's blog ( Monday, July 7, 2008 Kenton Varda announced that Google is using an internally developed interface description language (IDL) that is easier to use and faster then XML call Protocol Buffers (

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Fabulous Mini Database in Java

I am very impressed with the HSQL ( product (a lightweight 100% Java SQL database engine). It is not only the best SQL relational database open source product I have ever seen, it is also one of the best written code I have seen in a long time. It is fast and lean but it doesn't skip corners for speed. Which is very nice as it means there is a higher chance of this not doing something unexpected on older or new versions of the JVM.

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