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Apocryphal History

Sometimes I wonder why it is my mind takes me around various corners. My afternoon started with a JMX research task and ended by reading a great story by Bryan Hayes on the possibly apocryphal anecdote about Gauss frustrating his teacher as a child called Gauss's Day of Reckoning (

Just so you can see what I mean here is how my afternoon went.

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Long Pause

Wow, cannot believe so much time has passed. So what happened? Why a child of course. My son hit a coming to awareness level where he wasn't just a feed -> sleep -> poop machine but started talking, playing and of course the running.

This of course is the point where most parents disappear from everyone's lives for a year or two.

Now my desk is buried in piles of papers, my books have a nice layer of dust, and the house needs a year's worth of maintenance. Oh and I am trying to remember where I left off with this place. I see nothing has changed.

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