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The Little Known Label Option For diff

I love it when I run over a simple solution to what seemed like a difficult (or at least convoluted) problem. Today I needed to generate some patch files to create a Crucible code review PRIOR to checking in the code. To do this is actually a little difficult by hand as the steps are:

  1. Take the shelved change list
  2. Unshelve the change list into some temporary perforce client: p4 unshelve –s 123456
  3. Create patch p4 diff –du100000 ./... >123456.patch (for files that contains less than 100000 lines it would be okay)
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Real world damaged caused by a cyber warfare weapon

Cyber warfare HAS cause real world damage on purpose. The Stuxnet computer virus was designed and used to purposefully damage a specific Iranian nuclear facility. It got there by typical computer virus means of infecting computer after computer until it got where it wanted to be. What is really interesting is that it was designed to attack only one specific computer and to do real world damage.

In case you missed it 60 Minutes did a pretty interesting story just this week on cyber war and how it isn't just a theory any more.

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All of bash history revisited: load time solved plus directory history

Imagine logging into a box after a nice long three day weekend and asking yourself "self, what was I doing last Thursday?" or "what did I do on this server when I was here nearly a month ago?" What if you could answer that in such detail as what you did, where you were when you did it and you could get back there with only a few key strokes? Check this out (opening a new ssh session to my production box I haven't been on for weeks):
Using username "a-lartra".
Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key" from agent
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Natural Order is the future of concurrent processing

David Ungar gave a Talks on Computing Systems (TOCS) at Carnegie Mellon University called "Everything You Know (About Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!: A Wild Screed About the Future." (http://www.cmu.edu/silicon-valley/news-events/seminars/2011/ungar-talk.html). It’s just over an hour long and I am so excited to have the natural model being looked at. The imposition of artificial constraints to force computations to occur in a specific ordering has always rubbed me the wrong way.

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A friend asked about using Dropbox vs. Carbonite

Today a friend asked me which was a better backup solution Dropbox (http://dropbox.com/ if your going to sign up please use this referral URL http://db.tt/74rAyEsm) or Carbonite (http://carbonite.com). I can see the confusion of Dropbox as a backup solution, it does kind of look like one to most folks. As long as I answered it for my friend I might as well put it out for others too. Plus I might get some nice feedback on other options.

To the serious techies (geeks/nerds) Dropbox and Carbonite are not the same solutions.

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All of bash history forever and across multiple sessions

The last terminal to exit wins the "who's history is saved" game. Unless you pull a cute Linux stunt or three.

Update: A better solution is now available All bash history revisited: Load time solved PLUS directory history

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

This is just a random list of keyboard shortcuts for use with any version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Each keyboard shortcut is designed to increase user productivity by eliminating the need to reach for the mouse. This is done by executing a combination of keys on the keyboard instead of clicking to perform the same function.

GUI task changing: ALT + TAB will bring up a Window with a list of icons representing programs which are currently running on your computer. While holding the ALT key, press and depress the TAB button to cycle between each icon task.

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Technical Tidbits

Over the years I have run into hundreds of technical "oh that is cool" or "that is good to know" items. Of course months later I forget them but I remember that some little slight of hand is possible. Of course Google has helped a lot with this. Yet, many times the actual item I am looking for is gone, or worse, lost in a sea of info-crud(tm).

The pages are organized in no particular order (yet) and the title of the pages hopefully are detailed enough to make locating the magic trick needed easy to find.

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Shooting Fireworks by Hacking My Camera

Well 2 days of preparation and a lot of reading really paid off. The last few years I have not been very happy with my photographic results from events like the 4th of July shows. So this year I decided instead of being a rank amateur I would try and figure it out.

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A command line google search interface

This is pretty interesting. In that it works. I wonder if it will get blocked by some corporate firewalls as it is a means to bypass content filtering right now...


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