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Wiki Documentation

Usage of a Wiki is very straight forward.

1. Formatting

You can see complete demonstration of Wiki Syntax to format and structure your input text.

Two styles of markup are available: MediaWiki and Markdown.

The markup style is an extended form of Markdown Syntax. However the markup strives to be 100% Markdown compliant.

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Code Highlighting


Code highlighting for a software providing/support/sales/discussion sight is mandatory. I have already started growing accustom to the BBCODE editing style for the posts and I also like the sparse nature of the Markdown formating for the Wiki. So what I need to do is very carefully integrate a plug in ability to have code highlighting on the fly as well as being able to designate and control which code highlighting syntax is used.

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Site Documentation

This site will started as a Django based site using Sphene Community Tools as the foundation. However, due to changes in technology, time, and hosting it was switched over to Drupal in September, 2010. Regardless of the site's foundation it is being engineered to provide a specific set of business and development behaviors. All code developed for this site is contributed back into the public domain via bug reports, direct module support, or at least emails to the authors for issues, enhancements, etc.

Business Behavior Key:

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Adding Images to posts

This site is currently built using Drupal. Adding images to content is allowed and the <img> tag is permitted. The steps are:

  1. Create content (post, blog, or page)
  2. Attach file via the File Attachments section below the body text area.
  3. uncheck "List file"
  4. copy the file path under the box once it's uploaded
  5. Use <img src="path/image.png" /> in the content area.

For site administration see for the Drupal site discussion of this.

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Technical Tidbits

Over the years I have run into hundreds of technical "oh that is cool" or "that is good to know" items. Of course months later I forget them but I remember that some little slight of hand is possible. Of course Google has helped a lot with this. Yet, many times the actual item I am looking for is gone, or worse, lost in a sea of info-crud(tm).

The pages are organized in no particular order (yet) and the title of the pages hopefully are detailed enough to make locating the magic trick needed easy to find.

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Firefox Tidbits

== Taming the Web ==

=== Meebo IM ===

I like Meebo, it hooks me up to all my IM accounts through one interface that I can get to from any web browser. So when the Meebo team wrote a Firefox extension I was all over it. The basic features are:

* An added "Meebo icon" to the top navigation bar
* The ability to pop out IM messages using the icon in the IM toolbar and they'll float over Firefox while you browse.
* A nice IM sidebar that keeps you update to date on all the recent IM activity (friends logged in, recent chats, etc.).

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