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OK so I finally got a Wii

I ended up in a position where I could (well not really but lets pretend) afford to buy a Wii. So I did.

I got the Wii, 2 extra controllers, Wii Play (which comes with a controller too), 2 Nunchucks, 2 N64/NES controllers and a small stack of games (including Zelda TWP).

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Geek WMDs (Weapons of Much Distraction)

Oh how I dream of higher paycheck so that I too might own my own USB Missile Launcher ( or the superior USB Rocket Launcher ( or the more handy USB Coffee Cup Warmer ( or even better the LED Faucet Light (!

What a fabulous day it would be to hook up my web cam to my USB missile launcher and really add a new realm to the telecommuting journals.

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Autoduel Comes To Life

So here I am reading my morning items. Last thing on my mind is how to rig a flame thrower to my car (not that I haven't spent time thinking about that when I was a tad younger). Yet, I ran into some interesting side notes (which never happens on the Internet). That led me to ... you guessed it ... how to mount a flame thrower on your car.

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Coming Robot Revolution

Well thanks to my good friend (Grimmtooth) I have a little more to worry about tonight. He points out that most people laughed at the Terminator movies and that he didn't as he saw them as more prophetic and now he has the proof... Samsung is making killer sentry robots with BFGs (5.5mm machine gun).

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