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Programming Exemplar Challenges

Getting ready to present my first seminar in a few years. Naturally the requests were for something on Behavior Driven Design and good development practices. Although I gave myself lots of lead time I am still feeling the crunch. It is hard to believe I use to do the lecture circuit regularly.

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Honing Your Programming Skills

In preparing for a presentation on Behavior Driven Development I needed some examples. So I started searching the Internet for exemplar problems to demonstrate various techniques. In the process I instantly got hooked on the idea of regularly grabbing some programming challenge to hone my programming skills. The goal is to find lists of small challenges that should only take a few hours to solve but for which I can apply rigorous standards such as BDD, Continuous Integration, Design By Contract, and other best practices.

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Development Exemplars

When asked what I do professionally I almost always answer "I'm a Software Sanitation Engineer, more commonly known as a Code Janitor." Many people chuckle at this, however, I have found that it explains my normal daily work to both technical and non-technical people very clearly. In fact anyone who has received an email from me will attest that there is a tag line attached regularly that reads: Let’s be honest "bugs" is a euphemism for developer malpractice.

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