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Estimated 500,000 US Computer Still Infected With DNSChanger

I was reading one of my weekly computer news letters and was surprised to learn that over four million computers world wide with roughly 500,000 in the US are still infected with an old DNS hack/virus called DNSChanger which USE to take you off to very interesting snake salesmen sites. It is not difficult to fix, the US Government took down the people doing it (which is a shocker but a nice one), took over their internet servers (which is another shocker), and made it so infected systems actually work correctly (which is really the surprising bit).

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Real world damaged caused by a cyber warfare weapon

Cyber warfare HAS cause real world damage on purpose. The Stuxnet computer virus was designed and used to purposefully damage a specific Iranian nuclear facility. It got there by typical computer virus means of infecting computer after computer until it got where it wanted to be. What is really interesting is that it was designed to attack only one specific computer and to do real world damage.

In case you missed it 60 Minutes did a pretty interesting story just this week on cyber war and how it isn't just a theory any more.

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Hats off to the loss of Google Browser Sync

It was not long lived but will be missed I cannot believe Google is discontinuing this product. I loved it. I used it daily. It always did all it was supposed to and never failed.

There is NOTHING even close to a replacement. I don't even know if I'll be happy with browsing from all my systems again.


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