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Adding Anonymous Comments (in Drupal)

Everything is shaping up nicely. I have most of the functions I need and what is left is interesting, challenging, and will give me lots of materials for technical blogs and presentations on development.

Oh hang on, I want anonymous comments to include required contact information. No problem, login -> Administer -> Content -> Comment page ... huh nope ... OK how about something under the user settings? Nope. Maybe permissions section. Nothing looks right. Dang it finding some of the settings for stuff in Drupal is more than a little annoying.

Google save me!

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Semi Safe HTML Tags

The question is always what can be considered safe when dealing with user input. (In truth very little.) However, setting that truism aside, sites can use HTML correction modules to correct input, and then escaping any oddness. After initial scrubbing the question is what should be allowed through to assist in displaying the content as the author wishes. That list is kind of hard to find. Here is my basic list.

Block-level tags
Information about the author (such as contact info)
Extended quotation
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Drupal Issues to Consider

As things ramp up for NOD Software a lot of time is being spent on the learning curve. One of the largest concerns is of course security. NOD Software supports a number of organizations and projects. Most of what is done for the primary site eventually is used to enhance our supported sites. At this stage it is all about pulling together a minimal configuration that provides a solid set of features.

Running around the Internet produces a lot of crumbs to follow. I thought perhaps I should share these as anyone else might be interested in all the circles we are running in.

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Markdown Syntax Page

Markdown: Syntax

  • Main
  • Basics
  • Syntax
  • License
  • Dingus

* [Overview](#overview)
* [Philosophy](#philosophy)

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Wiki Core Bevioral Requirements

Functional Requirements

  1. Pages can be created and linked using Page titles. Example: this page is internally "node/115" or more specifically http://nodsw.com/node/115 if the wiki module is turned on then this page should be referred to everywhere (all the links shown) as "http://nodsw.com/wiki/Projects/Drupal_Wiki_Module/Wiki_Core_Bevioral_Requirements".
  2. Page links can be created in text using:
    1. Optionally Camel Case
    2. Wiki Markup Style Linking using brackets. Within the wiki page the page can be references via any of:
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Drupal Wiki Module

Spending a couple of weeks looking through all the documentation and forums it was impossible to find a wiki module or wiki configuration that seemed to do everything needed for a pleasant site experience. Further it seems that most of the efforts took one of the primary open source project routes, like the large majority of open source projects:

  1. start with a bang, built something semi-functional and then died out.
  2. cobble-together many different libraries, documenting sporadically, resulting in large promises with no practical way for anyone to repeat what was done.
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Adding Images to posts

This site is currently built using Drupal. Adding images to content is allowed and the <img> tag is permitted. The steps are:

  1. Create content (post, blog, or page)
  2. Attach file via the File Attachments section below the body text area.
  3. uncheck "List file"
  4. copy the file path under the box once it's uploaded
  5. Use <img src="path/image.png" /> in the content area.

For site administration see http://drupal.org/node/176828 for the Drupal site discussion of this.

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