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FCGI and output streams

OK so this took more then a while to figure out. I had to go read the FAST CGI specification (, the lighttpd FastCGI Interface docs (, the Django FastCGI docs ( and a number of other forum posts in a number of groups.

All this just to answer the question: How do I get my Python Django applications to print to the the lighttpd error logs when using Lighttpd + FastCGI?

At last I found the answer. At least partially...

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Not a lot done seem to be stuck

Well it has been a cruddy day. I have been trying to figure out a problem with the fcgi implementation. Seem to have been running circles around myself here.

There is a bug in the Django source specifically in django/core/servers/ that was ignores the output settings unless the process is being daemonized. So I added the else clause below has fixed it so I am now getting stdout and stderr messages.

    if daemonize:
        from django.utils.daemonize import become_daemon
        become_daemon(our_home_dir=options["workdir"], **daemon_kwargs)
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Got the FCGI on lighttpd working better

Oh what a quagmire of crud to walk through. All of the Django docs on FCGI and lighttpd are pretty sparse and the examples are not what I would recommend for a production service. So first step was to improve the FCGI tie in for Django. This turned out better then I thought. I had to do a lot of guessing and testing. But now I have it set up so that when the lighttpd service is started and stopped the FCGI processes are also started and stopped. In other words the web service application actually controls its own subprocesses including the FCGI linking to python for the Django service.

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Where have all the good projects gone?

So my group got canceled. Even though we were miles ahead of the other group in the Mega-Corp that is Amdocs who just started to create a similar product but focused at other Amdocs products. So now I have to go back to playing with J2EE cruft. I was so getting into Jython and Python. Oh well.

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