coming robot revolution

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Real world damaged caused by a cyber warfare weapon

Cyber warfare HAS cause real world damage on purpose. The Stuxnet computer virus was designed and used to purposefully damage a specific Iranian nuclear facility. It got there by typical computer virus means of infecting computer after computer until it got where it wanted to be. What is really interesting is that it was designed to attack only one specific computer and to do real world damage.

In case you missed it 60 Minutes did a pretty interesting story just this week on cyber war and how it isn't just a theory any more.

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Cyberwar is Becoming Real Warfare

Security is often left to be the last item if not done at all. Yet, the digital universe is expanding at a rate that is amazing to be part of. Yesterday the US Pentagon confirmed thousands of the US's most closely guarded secrets were stolen by crackers. Even more interesting is that because of an inaccessible classified network being breached for months undetected the US Pentagon has established a Cyber War Room and created a Cyber Defense Force unit to protect the US computers and networks.

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Can entropy be reversed?

If you jumped to this blog entry because of the title, you are likely already familiar with the answer:


From the short story "mulitVAX" by Isaac Asimov. If not, go read it, it is online and even in audio format at

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New IDL from Google Claims to be an order of magnitude faster than XML

Well this is interesting on a Google's blog ( Monday, July 7, 2008 Kenton Varda announced that Google is using an internally developed interface description language (IDL) that is easier to use and faster then XML call Protocol Buffers (

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Coming Robot Revolution

Well thanks to my good friend (Grimmtooth) I have a little more to worry about tonight. He points out that most people laughed at the Terminator movies and that he didn't as he saw them as more prophetic and now he has the proof... Samsung is making killer sentry robots with BFGs (5.5mm machine gun).

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