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Super Villian Musical is online until July 20th

You have only a limited time. This will be online for free until July 20th.

Joss Whedon has made a masterful musical on the cheap. Act I is great and I was really enjoying it. Then there was a heck of a shocker when I got his nemesis I did a double take and spent about 30 seconds in total disbelief. At that point the entire story went left and jump from a 7 to a 10 for me. I was laughing so hard it hurt.

From his Master Plan FAQ on the site:

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The Star Wars Dance Competition

Is this terrible, or awesome? You might not be too sure after watching this:

I personally am not sure if it’s terrible or awesome, but it’s crying out for some real analysis on why perfectly normal and intelligent men and women feel compelled to wear costumes depicting their favorite movie.

So naturally here’s the perfect guy to do it:

Ah crud the above was taken offline... SIGH it was really funny too.

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101 Photoshop tips set to music

I dare you to rap 101 tips to ... hmmm ... Photoshop for 1048576 geek points.

I have to admit anyone who would try to do a 101 tips set to music in under 5 minutes as a rap deserves 1048576 geek points (Mgp). That said, Deke McClelland just scored a 2 Mgp (because he did it WELL).

This is fun and educational. A geek music video with all the expected hand-waving, choreographed dance moves, occasional obscenity about Photoshop keyboard shortcuts!

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The Ball Girl

First watch the video attached


or online at "Fresno Ballgirl's Amazing Catch"

Be amazed, enjoy the moment.

Then read the article about it:
Behind the scenes of the Fresno ball girl video

Yes it remains really cool.

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Video / Image sharing for knowledge

Just ran into a tool called Jing ( Frankly this is pretty darn cool. I already use things like CamStudio, IrfanView, FastStone and others. But Jing is just darn cool. Video capture, image capture no biggy, being able to annotate with arrows and text, been there done that.

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