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Apocryphal History

Sometimes I wonder why it is my mind takes me around various corners. My afternoon started with a JMX research task and ended by reading a great story by Bryan Hayes on the possibly apocryphal anecdote about Gauss frustrating his teacher as a child called Gauss's Day of Reckoning (

Just so you can see what I mean here is how my afternoon went.

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The CEO and Lead Engineer

Today must be the day for anecdotes, while taking a short break for coffee another lead engineer told me a great anecdote I hadn't heard before.

The CEO and Lead Engineer

One day the CEO of a growing company walked into the lead engineer's office and said, "you have been working really hard for a while, take a break and come with me."

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Managers in Hot Air Balloons

While slugging through some rather interesting (in a bad way) slob of Spaghetti Code (tm) a management type drifted into my office and asked completely straight faced "Why do you need so much more time to complete the configuration control project?"

After re-orienting my brain from the dizzying code I explained that the code was slapstick at best and practically incomprehensible, and that they had laid off every one of the team that had been working on it before they completed the work.

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