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SED Recursive Search and Replace With Multiple Actions

About once every 6 months or so I end up needing to do a recursive search and replace across a whole bunch of files. Every time I need to do this I turn to SED as it is just so good at doing the work. But of course there is the problem of multiple actions.

The secret to this is using the SED file. This works across thousands of files on the local box and even more interestingly can be wrapped in a SSH script to walk hundreds of remote boxes.

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My new computer monitor

... I wish!! ... this is a very cool ergonomic experimental monitor. When this thing goes production I want to know about it.


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What comes after primary, secondary, tertiary?

A manager popped into my area today and asked this question. Oddly enough my brain immediately answered back quaternary and quinary. Which then caused the inevitable "how do you spell that?" question. A sticky note and a pen and he was running off with a cheerful grin on his face.

Of course then I started to wonder how the heck did I know the answer to that and even more importantly was I right?

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No more 'unable to find valid certification path to requested target'

I love google... I have been having an SSL issue on and off for years, especially in test environments. Usually I fire up Mozilla grab the cert from its cache and edit a few files.

Well that was fine until I started mucking with LDAP. Here I had to go to the server and get the cert myself. Edit the same set of files and once again I am off and running.

But, not today. No today I had to trouble shoot a secure LDAP issue to a server I am NOT allowed to get onto except through LDAP. I can't get secure LDAP to be happy without a way to snag that danged certificate. Google save me!

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Autoduel Comes To Life

So here I am reading my morning items. Last thing on my mind is how to rig a flame thrower to my car (not that I haven't spent time thinking about that when I was a tad younger). Yet, I ran into some interesting side notes (which never happens on the Internet). That led me to ... you guessed it ... how to mount a flame thrower on your car.

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Project Management leads to fun games

Well this was unexpected. I was researching the Project Management Process. Which was going great, I have been reading a lot of papers and books on the subject and getting much more comfortable with some of the more common TLAs. Problem is that it seems that every single author decided to come up with her or his own set of TLAs which makes the whole area of process and more specifically project management very fuzzy.

Ran into some very nice items though:

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Coming Robot Revolution

Well thanks to my good friend (Grimmtooth) I have a little more to worry about tonight. He points out that most people laughed at the Terminator movies and that he didn't as he saw them as more prophetic and now he has the proof... Samsung is making killer sentry robots with BFGs (5.5mm machine gun).

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Fabulous Mini Database in Java

I am very impressed with the HSQL (http://hsqldb.org/) product (a lightweight 100% Java SQL database engine). It is not only the best SQL relational database open source product I have ever seen, it is also one of the best written code I have seen in a long time. It is fast and lean but it doesn't skip corners for speed. Which is very nice as it means there is a higher chance of this not doing something unexpected on older or new versions of the JVM.

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Sony using bad (and wrong) hacker techniques for copy protection

OK this is just too much. Frankly this just blows my mind...

Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

More on Sony: Dangerous Decloaking Patch, EULAs and Phoning Home

I wonder if we can sue them for hacking our computers. Kind of a reversal of roles.

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Wine, dance, laughter

This weekend turned out completely backwards. Question: What happens when you throw a party and no one shows up? Answer: You have a completely different party! I had 30 friends swear they were coming to the free karaoke party I was roped into helping with Friday night. They even went so far as to tell me a day or so before hand how much they were looking forward to going AND that they had a couple friends that were coming too. So I figured at least 10 would show up. ;^)

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