May 2012

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Securing HTTP Session

Interesting challenge:

What is wrong with these cookies?

Set-Cookie: LSID=FDDGAAK…Eaem_vYg;;
Path=/; Expires=Mon, 11-Jul-2016 10:30:11 GMT; 
Set-Cookie: SSID=Xv4P...DFGaq;;
Path=/; Expires=Wed, 11-Jul-2016 10:30:11 GMT;

I'll post the explanations from a security bulletin later.

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'man -k' for Powershell

Coming from Unix/Linux programming trying to get stuff done on Windows is sometimes worse than getting teeth pulled. Powershell has definitely improved things, however, Powershell can be a bit obtuse. For example about 70% of the time there is already a command-let to do just what I want. But, just finding if there is a command-let has been painful. Today is no exception. (For those in a hurry the answer is Get-Command, for everyone else read on.)

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Khan's Academy still not known by everyone.

I keep meeting people who haven't heard of Salman Khan's great work. So here is an idea worth spreading:

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Another Irish Drinking Song

Pandora can serve up some great surprises. In the middle of an intense coding session it suddenly registered what my feet were dancing too. Then I started listening to the lyrics and practically fell out my chair laughing. Found a FABULOUS story board of the song on You Tube... Enjoy!

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The Little Known Label Option For diff

I love it when I run over a simple solution to what seemed like a difficult (or at least convoluted) problem. Today I needed to generate some patch files to create a Crucible code review PRIOR to checking in the code. To do this is actually a little difficult by hand as the steps are:

  1. Take the shelved change list
  2. Unshelve the change list into some temporary perforce client: p4 unshelve –s 123456
  3. Create patch p4 diff –du100000 ./... >123456.patch (for files that contains less than 100000 lines it would be okay)
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Estimated 500,000 US Computer Still Infected With DNSChanger

I was reading one of my weekly computer news letters and was surprised to learn that over four million computers world wide with roughly 500,000 in the US are still infected with an old DNS hack/virus called DNSChanger which USE to take you off to very interesting snake salesmen sites. It is not difficult to fix, the US Government took down the people doing it (which is a shocker but a nice one), took over their internet servers (which is another shocker), and made it so infected systems actually work correctly (which is really the surprising bit).

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