November 2010

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Sexy Spelling Song on College Humor

I wish all pop songs were so educational and fun(ny). I just love visiting College Humor for a quick laugh

Sexy Spelling Song :

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Project Repository Goals

Vision Statement

Create a project management site that will enable rapid professional development of software projects by providing transparently integrated services for source code management, automated continuous integration, automated publications, and trouble ticket tracking.

Epic Requirements

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NOD SW Project Repository

Background Introduction

It would seem that in order to get anything done, with respect to my software development projects, I can either use Sourceforge, or Google Source, or create a personal project management system myself.

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BDD Crash Course Presentation

Last night 2 months of poking at my computer almost every evening ended with a room of 30 software professionals looking like the proverbial deer in the head lights. To be honest I was very concerned that I was being too basic and people would demand more in-depth details. I had a Linux build server all set up with source code repository, Hudson build services, a micro-development environment, and a handful of example projects ready to jump into once the questions / demands for details started.

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Lengthening Short URLs

I prefer simple things over complex. So naturally I like easy to read URLs and I strive to keep URLs on sites I work on from getting out of control. So I appreciate the idea and the results of compact URL services like and TinyURL. I also understand the need to more accurately track incoming hits for marketing and usage statistics. But these self same services are also used by less noble people who create malicious sites for illicit fun or profit.

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Some Merlin Mann Topics

Merlin Mann (of 43 Folders fame ) came up at a seminar last night. So of course I had to go find a few references. There are some great items to look into:

Merlin Mann presents to Google on "Inbox Zero"

"Broken Meetings (and how you'll fix them)"

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How I Met Your Girlfriend, Google Opt Out Village, and Other Security Thoughts

Everyone who has an email box and a friend or two gets semi regular stuff in the form of shared jokes. Sometimes stuff comes around multiple times. What is really interesting is how something that has already been around once not too long ago generates entirely different responses on the second pass.

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Programming Exemplar Challenges

Getting ready to present my first seminar in a few years. Naturally the requests were for something on Behavior Driven Design and good development practices. Although I gave myself lots of lead time I am still feeling the crunch. It is hard to believe I use to do the lecture circuit regularly.

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Honing Your Programming Skills

In preparing for a presentation on Behavior Driven Development I needed some examples. So I started searching the Internet for exemplar problems to demonstrate various techniques. In the process I instantly got hooked on the idea of regularly grabbing some programming challenge to hone my programming skills. The goal is to find lists of small challenges that should only take a few hours to solve but for which I can apply rigorous standards such as BDD, Continuous Integration, Design By Contract, and other best practices.

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