August 2008

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Hats off to the loss of Google Browser Sync

It was not long lived but will be missed I cannot believe Google is discontinuing this product. I loved it. I used it daily. It always did all it was supposed to and never failed.

There is NOTHING even close to a replacement. I don't even know if I'll be happy with browsing from all my systems again.


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None repentent process freak

Honestly I am getting real tired of dealing with developers who seem to feel the need to rebel against any change in their thinking process. I have no problem taking classes, seeing something I haven't tried before and if I feel it might be helpful being willing to give it a solid try for a few cycles. And I fully admit it that I am an unabashed process freak.

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How anonymous are you on the Internet?

Sometimes a little curiosity is scary. For example I was Googling on term "anonymous surfing" and found some articles:

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The Evolution of Dance

An absolutely hilarious 6 minutes! Judson Laipply is dancing the evolution of dance:

After that you really should watch Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean does his own 40 second version of the evolution of dance:

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It's Done When?

Been dealing a lot of SCRUM items and it seems to me that a lot of teams keep missing the mark because of not clear "done criteria". For the record I think a minimum done criteria is:
  • Code is checked-in into a central version control system
  • A detailed code review (including comparison to any company and/or team coding standards) has been complete, any suggested changes implemented and final code has been checked-in
  • Unit tests with demonstratable cover coverage of more 80% for non-integration / "out of container"
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Defensive Java Programming Notes (11 of 11) Top 13 Best Practices

Best Practice #1 Do Input Validation

Input validation verifies or cleans up inputs to the application. Essentially trust no data from any source until it has been proven to be safe based on some established format verification process. Input validation is a critical part of a web service's reliability and security (or any software application for that matter). By failing to validate input data an application may do very unexpected things given a garbled (accidentally or intentionally) input leading to a security violation or a vulnerable state.

Input Validation:

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Java SecureString Class

Secure string implementation is very hard. A secure string is a means to keep and use confidential data. Essentially the text cannot be stored as plain text and definitely cannot be stored in a Java String object since that is immutable and there is no definable point when it will be removed from the system.

Secure String Implementations should:

  • text is encrypted for privacy when being used
  • deleted from computer memory when no longer needed
  • not be allowed to be paged to swap memory
  • cannot be seen via memory inspection
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Defensive Java Programming Notes (10 of 11) Web Container Security Features

Warning this is amazingly boring.

Web containers are things like Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, Java Systems Webserver, JBOSS, Weblogic, and lots more.

There are some common things:

  • Web applications created by developers

  • Security needs for a given web application are usually deployment-specific

  • Deployers should be able to specify security settings without changing application code

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